How Much Money Can You Earn As

A Node JS Web Developer?

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This course is for you if...

You’re a back-end developer who’s used to working with frameworks like 
ASP.NET, Rails, Django, PHP,  etc. Now, you want to add Node.js to your toolbox.

You’re a front-end developer and want to transition to full-stack development.

Having Node.js on your resume helps you find more jobs and make more money.


You some basic familiarity with HTML, CSS and Javascript 


"If you aspire to be a back-end or full-stack JavaScript developer, you can't go wrong having this Node course as a resource. Mark is an excellent instructor, and his enthusiasm for web technology is infectious. From the basics of how Node works under the hood, to testing your API code, this course delivers great content that will help you land that next career opportunity." - Mike Joseph  

"Hi Mark, I'm really loving your Node JS course. I'm 8 months into learning how to become a developer, and making very good progress. My previous instructors before taking your course weren't thorough enough to be especially useful." - Brian Johnson

"Very good learning experience. Mark is really experienced. After going through this course, I reached out to Mark for additional help via email. He helped me out at no additional cost. That's something that I haven't seen any other instructor do." -  Emily Smith

Wondering what the course will be covering?

This training course will go through all the essential things you need to become a node js web developer faster. 

This course is divided into small bit size video modules to make it easier for you to learn node js.

Part 1 - Over 40 Minutes Of Video Modules

In this part, you will learn all the basic components of node js.

  • Introduction To Node JS
  • Installing Mongodb For Your Data Storage
  • Installing Robomongo To Visually See Data
  • Installing Node Package Manager
  • Create Your First Hello World Node JS App

Part 2 - Over 3 Hours Of Video Modules

Here you will learn how to create Secure Login System. You will be learning all the secrets tips and tricks that industry’s top experts use to create their node js applications.

  • Introduction About Secure Login System
  • Creating Folder Structure
  • Creating Package JSON File
  • Creating App.js File
  • Installing NPM Packages
  • Starting Up Node JS Server
  • Let's view the different screens of secure login system
  • Creating The Signup Screen
  • Signup Validation Screen
  • Sending Data To Your Node JS Server
  • Sending Confirmation Email To Your Users
  • Confirming User Signup Link
  • Creating Login Screen
  • Creating Forget Password Screen
  • Creating Reset Password Screen
  • Bonus
  • Access To All Project Files

Wondering what the videos are like?

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